What Are the Best Foods to Eat for Someone Going Through Menopause?


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Foods to eat for someone going through menopause include high-fiber, calcium-rich, low-calorie and iron-rich foods, states WebMD. Drinking plenty of water and cutting down on sugars, salts and alcohol are important during menopause. Soy is another beneficial food, as it contains plant estrogens that reduce cholesterol levels, hot flashes and night sweats

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Appropriate foods in the diet may aid in relieving and preventing symptoms of menopause, advises WebMD. Dairy products and fish with bones, including sardines, are rich in calcium. Other sources of this nutrient include broccoli and legumes. An individual should consume four servings or at least 1,200 milligrams per day. High-fiber foods include fresh fruits, vegetables and whole-grain cereals, pasta, rice, bread.

Poultry, fish, eggs, lean red meat and leafy, green vegetables are high in iron, states WebMD. Other iron-rich foods include nuts and certain grains. A person undergoing menopause should consume three servings of these foods per day. Older women may eat 8 milligrams of the same in a day.

Fats should provide at most 35 percent of the total calories consumed in a day, so women going through menopause should limit saturated fats, readily found in whole milk, cream, fatty meats and cheese, and trans fats explains WebMD. Fats are not only high in calories, but may also cause high cholesterol and heart failure.

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