What Are Some Foods to Eat to Prevent Strokes?


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Eating fruits and vegetables at least five times a day may reduce the risk of stroke, according to Mayo Clinic. Following a diet rich in olive oil, nuts and whole grains may also decrease the risk of stroke.

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Controlling blood pressure and lowering cholesterol are useful in preventing strokes, explains Mayo Clinic. People can control blood pressure by managing stress, exercising, maintaining a healthy weight, and limiting alcohol and sodium. Doctors may also prescribe medication for patients with high blood pressure. Reducing cholesterol and saturated fat in the diet may reduce cholesterol plaques in the bloodstream.

Quitting tobacco products also lowers the risk of having a stroke, as does controlling diabetes, states Mayo Clinic. People who smoke have an increased risk of having strokes, so quitting can take that risk away. Doctors can help patients stop smoking through a variety of means. People with diabetes are also at higher risk of having a stroke, so keeping the blood sugar under control is important.

Avoiding drugs and treating sleep apnea also reduce the risk of stroke, claims Mayo Clinic. Drugs like cocaine and methamphetamine can raise the risk, and people with obstructive sleep apnea may also be at higher risk for stroke, so these people should get treatment.

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