What Are the Best Foods to Eat When You Have High Triglycerides?


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Some of the best foods to eat for individuals with high triglycerides include lean ground beef, lean cuts, chicken, turkey, and foods rich in fiber, such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains, states WebMD. Doctors also recommend choosing 1 percent or skim milk, cheese, ice cream and yogurt. Additionally, vegetable oils and healthy fats help lower triglycerides levels.

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WebMD suggests avoiding or reducing consumption of foods with high amounts of saturated fats, especially high-fat meats, milk products, baked foods and packaged products, because these fats contribute to the body's bad cholesterol and triglycerides. It helps to eat meatless meals, such as bean chili, a few times each week.

High-fiber foods also help decrease triglycerides levels as well as control high blood pressure, aid with weight loss and lower risk of diabetes, explains WebMD. Oats, beans, carrots, Brussels sprouts and pears are some foods with high fiber content.

Along with a healthy diet, WebMD recommends maintaining an active lifestyle by doing moderately intense physical activities for 30 minutes daily. Consistency is key to getting positive results. Regular exercise helps increase the body's good cholesterol levels, reduce high blood sugar and blood pressure, and diminish belly fat. For patients who are currently taking medications to treat abnormal cholesterol levels, doctors may prescribe additional medicines to reduce high triglycerides, control blood pressure, or lower risk of other health conditions.

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