Which Foods Are Best to Eat While Dieting?


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Calorie-controlled snacks, light or zero-fat salad dressings, rotisserie chicken, low-fat dairy products and diet-friendly desserts are foods that an individual can have while dieting, notes WebMD. Breakfast cereals that are low in sugar but high in fiber and protein and cooking fluids such as wine also work out for dieters.

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Which Foods Are Best to Eat While Dieting?
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A dieter's snacks should contain at most 3 grams fat, 140 milligrams sodium and 15 grams sugar and should be made from whole grain flour with about three grams and seven grams of fiber and protein respectively, explains WebMD. Flavored mustards, such as honey, ginger, garlic or tarragon mustard, and vinegars have few calories, yet they still make food tasty. A person on a diet should use cider, balsamic, sherry, herb or fruit-flavored vinegars in recipes instead of mayonnaise, butter or oil.

Frozen foods with about 400 calories, containing at most 600 milligrams of salt and five grams fat and at least five grams of fiber may aid in dieting, according to WebMD. Drinks with few calories, including herbal or exotic teas, light beers and diet soft drinks, may also help while dieting.

Dieters may use nutritious dips, such as hummus, fat-free black-bean dip or French onion dip, that are low in calories in baked chips, vegetables or pretzels, states WebMD. A person on a diet can have lean protein such as eggs, beans or nuts, or fruits such as berries, which are sweet but low in calories.

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