What Are the Foods You Eat to Calm Diverticulitis?


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Patients with diverticulitis are encouraged to consume only clear liquids for the first few days of treatment and can gradually add low-fiber foods when symptoms begin to resolve, states Mayo Clinic. People usually begin to feel better a few days after the diet and antibiotics are started.

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Mild cases of diverticulitis are treated at home with diet and antibiotics, according to Mayo Clinic. For the first couple of days, people can drink broth, fruit juice without pulp, ice chips, ice pops without fruit pieces, gelatin, water, tea or coffee without cream. Later they can progress to foods such as cooked or canned fruits and vegetables without skin; light proteins such as eggs, chicken and fish; low-fiber white bread; fruit juice with pulp; low-fiber cereal; and dairy products such as milk, yogurt and cheese.

It is important not to transition from a liquid diet and increase solid food intake as symptoms improve because clear liquids do not provide enough daily nutrients, and patients can become weak after a few days, notes WebMD. After the diverticulitis resolves, patients are encouraged to maintain a high-fiber diet by eating whole-grain bread and cereal, brown rice, fresh fruits and vegetables. Other preventive steps include eating on a regular schedule and drinking plenty of liquids.

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