What Are Some Foods That Are Easily Digested?


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According to WebMD, choosing low-fat, low-fiber foods can help to ease digestive problems. Refined carbohydrates, such as white pasta or white rice, are digested faster than whole grain options. Make vegetables, such as asparagus tips, zucchini or green beans, easier to digest by cooking them before consumption. Non-citrus fruits, such as ripe bananas, melon, peaches, pears and papaya, are readily digested while still offering many vitamins, minerals and hydration for good health.

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What Are Some Foods That Are Easily Digested?
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Fiber is touted as an important part of a healthy diet, and this is partly because it passes through the gastrointestinal system without being broken down. This makes it possible to clear fatty deposits from the system, but it can be irritating, particularly for someone having digestive problems. Similarly, fatty foods and high-fat proteins are difficult to digest. Instead, select lean proteins, such as skinless poultry, cooked fish and lean cuts of beef, pork or lamb. If lactose intolerance is not a problem, low-fat dairy is another good option. Yogurt can be particularly beneficial, since the live cultures in the yogurt help the digestive process.

In addition to focusing on easily digested foods, it is also important to avoid foods and beverages that can irritate the digestive system. Avoid eating seeds, nuts, lentils, tofu and raw vegetables. Similarly, avoid potential irritants, such as caffeine, greasy foods, popcorn, sugar and spicy foods.

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