What Are Some Foods on the Dukan Diet?


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Dieters following the Dukan diet eat lean proteins, specific non-starchy vegetables, low-sugar fruits, whole-grain bread and moderated amounts of cheese, depending on the phase. The diet allows unsweetened coffee and tea, spices, artificial sweeteners and sugar-free gum.

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Dieters at the attack phase eat only lean protein. The protein should be low-fat and low-sugar, and dieters can consume them without moderation. The foods include cottage cheese, soy, eggs, fish and chicken. Other allowed proteins include lean beef, poultry, seafood and low-fat dairy. There are requirements to eat oat bran and to consume adequate amounts of water.

The cruise phase requires dieters to consume an unlimited amount of specific non-starchy vegetables, such as spinach, eggplant, Brussels sprouts and okra. Other vegetables, such as green beans and lettuce, feature in the diet. Dieters at the second phase can eat unlimited lean meats, non-starchy vegetables and oat bran, while consuming plenty of water.

During the consolidation phase, dieters can consume an unlimited amount of lean meat; non-starchy vegetables; one serving of fresh, low-sugar fruit; two slices of wholegrain bread; and one portion of cheese. Dieters can eat whatever they choose once or twice a week. At the stabilization phase, dieters can consume vinegar, minerals, artificial sweeteners and multivitamins.

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