What Are Some Foods on a Diet Plan for a Person With Pancreatitis?


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A diet for pancreatitis patients focuses on low-fat foods, such as fish and boneless chicken breasts, and sometimes includes clear liquids, such as broth, gelatin, white grape juice, cranberry juice and apple juice, according to the National Pancreas Foundation. Dietitians suggest using cooking spray instead of regular oils.

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What Are Some Foods on a Diet Plan for a Person With Pancreatitis?
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Pancreatitis patients require varying amounts of fat, depending on factors such as weight and height; however, for most patients, the recommended limit is 20 grams of fat per day, states the National Pancreas Foundation. Each meal should not exceed 10 grams of fat content. A carrot and sweet potato soup with cranberry relish and a blend of black beans, carrots, lime juice and red peppers are healthy appetizers. Citrus chicken with cumin and oregano makes a great main dish.

For patients who suffer a flare, doctors typically suggest avoiding solid foods for one or two days, notes the National Pancreas Foundation. Severe pain requires patients to start a diet of clear liquids. Because this type of diet lacks nutrition, patients should gradually add other food items based on the instruction of their doctors.

It is crucial for pancreatitis patients to avoid drinking alcohol, as alcohol consumption can cause pancreas to flare due to dehydration, explains the National Pancreas Foundation. To keep the body properly hydrated, physicians often recommend carrying a bottle of water at all times.

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