Which Foods Create Mucus?


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Foods that create mucus include dairy products and caffeine-rich foods and drinks, according to SF Gate. Foods that contain gluten, including soy products, can also stimulate mucus production. A person experiencing abnormal mucus production should not only avoid the foods but also drink plenty of water to alleviate nasal congestion.

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Dairy products such as milk do not increase the production of milk but instead cause nasal congestion due to thickening of mucus, leading to discomfort, states SF Gate. However, eating cold milk products may help in soothing a throat that hurts and reducing irritation. A person should not cut down on milk and related products completely because he may suffer from vitamins and minerals deficiency, which may lead to health deterioration.

Allergies that occur as a result of food allergens cause sneezing and nasal congestion, according to SF Gate. In addition to soy products such as tofu, bread and pasta can also induce allergies that result in mucus creation. Sneezing and nasal congestion may signify that the mucus is as a result of food allergens.

Caffeinated foods and drinks cause dehydration, resulting in mucus thickening, notes SF Gate. Examples of these foods include caffeine-rich desserts and chocolates. Tea, coffee and sodas can also cause the problem. A patient with lasting symptoms should consult with a doctor.

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