What Are Some Foods That Contribute to Stomach Bloating?


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Foods that contribute to stomach bloating include certain fruits, certain vegetables, sweeteners and whole grains, according to WebMD. Generally, the foods contain sugars or starches that intestinal bacteria find difficult to digest.

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What Are Some Foods That Contribute to Stomach Bloating?
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Sorbitol and fructose are sweeteners that can cause or worsen bloating, according to WebMD. Vegetables that increase the risk of bloating include carrots, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts, while apricots and prunes are fruits that can cause the problem. Apples can also cause the problem, explains Health.com.

A sudden increase of fiber, which is common in whole grains, fruits and vegetables, may exacerbate symptoms of bloating, notes WebMD. People suffering from the problem should take fiber along with enough water in order to reduce the symptoms. Those who find it difficult to digest milk sugar and lactose may suffer from bloating when they eat dairy products. Oligosaccharides present in beans and lentils can also aggravate bloating. Other legumes to avoid include peas and soybeans, explains Health.com.

To prevent gas and bloating, patients should eat slowly, consume small amounts of foods, and cut down on hard candies and chewing gums. Fatty foods take time to undergo complete digestion, so patients with bloating should limit these foods. High-sodium foods, common in packaged and refined foods, may increase the risk of bloating, notes Health.com. These salty foods cause water retention, so patients should drink plenty of water to keep the bloat away.

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