What Are Some Foods That Contain Yeast?


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Beer, wine and bread are foods that contain yeast. Additionally, Marmite is a food product containing yeast extract and is considered a nutritional yeast that provides several health benefits.

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Beer consists of a fermented combination of yeast and malted grains. The flavor and type of beer depends upon the type of yeast used. Sweet beers commonly contain a type of yeast known as S. Cerevisiae and are fermented at relatively high temperatures, in comparison to lagers.

Grape skins naturally contain yeast, and vintners use them to ferment wine from the juice of grapes. In wine production, it is common for vintners to add additional yeast to the juice in order to produce favorable results. Similar to variation in producing beer flavors, each wine has a distinct flavor dependent upon the type of yeast used to produce it.

Traditionally, bakers have used yeast as a leavening agent in bread making and many varieties are available. Making bread may involve the use of yeast products such as baker’s, active dry and starter yeasts. Additionally, bakers may use yeast cakes and fresh yeast for making bread.

Yeast provides numerous health benefits after it has been pasteurized. However, experts recommend that people not eat raw yeast. Yeast provides B vitamins, minerals and protein.

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