Which Foods Do Not Contain Vitamin K?


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Foods that do not contain vitamin K include many types of meat, seafood and poultry, grain products, such as cornmeal, quinoa, spaghetti, rice, egg noodles, English muffins, macaroni and corn tortillas, many types of mushroom, fruits such as oranges, starfruit, apple juice and lemons, and assorted items including sesame seeds, coconut, almonds, peanuts, sunflower seeds, Brazil nuts and macadamia nuts. Use of the blood thinner warfarin (Coumadin) is a common reason to adhere to a diet free of vitamin K.

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Pork does not contain vitamin K, though certain types of ham have trace amounts, and neither do beef tripe, heart, kidneys or brains. Seafood selections free of vitamin K include halibut, rockfish, scallops, lobster, tuna and eel. Egg whites do not have vitamin K. Many foods with small traces of vitamin K are in fact recommended for those watching their levels, even though they are not entirely free of the vitamin. These foods are bamboo shoots, corn, turnips, beets and watermelon. Other foods are low in, or free of, vitamin K when properly prepared, for example fat-free ice cream, non-fat yogurt, skim milk and beef with the fat removed.

Blood thinners interfere with the blood clotting action of vitamin K, and make it necessary for the patient to eat a consistent and low amount of vitamin K each day. Anyone on blood thinners should consult with a health care provider before trying new foods.

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