What Are Some Foods That Contain Natural Estrogen?


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Phyto-estrogen, natural estrogen found in plants, is found in certain dried and fresh fruits, whole grains, seeds, legumes and soy products. Prunes, papaya, beans, tofu and soybeans are all rich in estrogen.

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Dried fruits are a good source of natural estrogen, as fruits retain most of their nutrients, including vitamins and estrogen, when dried. Fruits such as prunes, apricots and dates are especially rich in estrogen. When eaten fresh, fruits such as papaya, apples and olives also are good source of estrogen and vitamins. However, fruits such as berries, pears and pineapples inhibit estrogen production.

Whole grains and seeds are also rich in nutrients such as fiber, minerals and estrogen. They include beans, peas, flax seed, bran cereals, and sunflower and sesame seeds, among others. Legumes such as alfalfa sprouts, chickpeas and black-eyed peas are also rich in estrogen.

Soy and soy products are known to be nutritious as they are rich in proteins, minerals and estrogen. Popular soy products rich in estrogen include tofu, tempeh, soymilk and soybeans.

Science also shows that animals that eat plants and foods rich in estrogen are also a good source of the hormone. To this end, eggs, meat, milk and milk-derived products such as cheese are good sources of estrogen, but not as valuable as the estrogens derived from plants.

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