What Foods Contain Leucine?


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The foods that have the highest amount of leucine include soybeans, lentils, seaweed and chicken. Many foods that are high in leucine are consumed on a daily basis and can be found at a traditional grocery store.

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Leucine is an essential amino acid that is necessary for the body to survive and continue producing necessary cells. It functions in the liver, muscle tissue and in the adipose tissue to make sterols. Leucine is used in combination with other amino acids to help the muscles stay healthy and to keep them from becoming weak or degenerating.

Amino acids are most commonly used in sports supplements. Leucine was once thought to be one of the most important amino acids in the supplements. Many were marketed with double the amount of leucine than other amino acids. Leucine is also marketed on its own. The application of leucine in sports supplements was believed to help slow down muscle weakness and to enhance the way that the muscles work. Leucine not only helps to prevent the degeneration of muscles, but also works to increase the mass of the muscles. This amino acid works to build up the tissues within the muscle while making them stronger.

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