What Foods Contain Leptin?

foods-contain-leptin Credit: lculig/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

There are no foods that contain leptin because it cannot be taken orally. Leptin is a hormone or protein that is produced in the fat cells of the body. It has different roles in the body, including telling the brain there is enough energy stored in the fat cells, which triggers the feeling that a person needs to stop eating.

There are different terms that were used to refer to leptin, including fat hormone, obesity hormone and starvation hormone. Many scientists prefer to refer to it as the starvation hormone because high levels of leptin causes a person have cravings and hunger. Leptin was discovered in the human body in 1994. Therefore, there is no leptin in food even though the term "leptin-rich foods" is a popular term. There is no way that leptin can be increased or decreased, but a person can increase his or her sensitivity to it.

There are several foods that can be used to increase the sensitivity allowing metabolism in the body to increase and cravings to decrease. This includes protein- rich foods, leafy greens and fiber-rich foods. Foods that contain high levels of carbohydrates will lead to a decrease in the sensitivity. Potatoes and white flour have more starches, which increases cravings in people.