What Are Some Foods That Contain High Levels of Ubiquinol?


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Sardines are one of the most ubiquinol-rich foods. Peanuts, avocado, spinach and canola oil are also rich in the nutrient. The antioxidant is also found in chicken and olive oil.

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Even though ubiquinol is found naturally in some foods, it is necessary to supplement to ensure a 100 mg daily intake. To achieve this without supplementation, it is necessary to consume three pounds of peanuts, 60 avocados, 120 cans of sardines or 50 cups of spinach in a single day. Ubiquinol is an antioxidant credited with helping to lower cholesterol, working by fighting free radicals and promoting healthy cell development. While available as an ingredient in creams applied topically, it is more effective taken internally.

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