What Are Some Foods That Contain Dairy?

Foods that contain dairy are buttermilk, cottage cheese and cream, according to foodallergy.org. Milk in all forms, yogurt and pudding all contain dairy. Foods with ingredients such as casein, diacetyl and casein hydrolysate all contain dairy, as well.

Dairy is sometimes in chocolate, pastries and caramel candies. It is in all different types of butter, including butter fat, oil and ester. Curds, sour cream and ghee are all dairy products. Some foods may not contain dairy originally, but there is contamination when they come in contact with dairy. For example, the same deli slicer may cut both deli meats and cheese, and some products that use soy or rice as dairy replacements may use the same equipment as dairy products.

It is also important to be aware that casein may be in some non-dairy products, such as tuna in a can. The customer may be unaware that some restaurants may add butter to foods to add flavor. Calcium lactate and cocoa butter do not contain dairy.

Those who are avoiding dairy may not be getting enough calcium and need to replace dairy products with other calcium rich foods, notes WebMD. Some of these non-dairy foods high in calcium include broccoli, soy milk and pinto beans.