What Are the Best Foods to Consume on 900 Calorie Diet?

Food choices for a 900-calorie diet include fruit, skinless chicken breast, vegetables, tuna and yogurt. Portion sizes should be kept small, and the dieter should drink plenty of water. He should also consult his doctor before beginning the diet.

Less than 1,000 calories per day is typically only enough for a person with a small frame who isn't physically active. However, very low calorie diet plans can help obese people lose weight quickly and safely. A 900-calorie diet plan shouldn't be continued for an extended period of time unless a doctor recommends it.

A balanced diet is important even when restricting calories. Low-calorie diet programs such as Medifast 5 and 1 or Optifast can help a dieter get the correct daily nutrients.

A meal plan for a low-calorie diet usually includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and one snack that can occur between or after those meals. Snacks include a handful of almonds, 1 cup of sliced fruit or 2 cups of popcorn. Meal ideas include oatmeal with a grated apple, a scrambled egg on a piece of toast, a banana smoothie, a salad or a hamburger patty.

Reducing calories too much can cause side effects, such as fatigue, constipation, nausea and diarrhea. Rapid weight loss can also cause gallstones.