What Foods Are on a Clear Liquid Diet?


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Some items allowed on a clear liquid diet include water, fruit juice without pulp, soup broth, clear sodas, Jell-O and black tea. Coffee, frozen pops and sports drinks are also allowed.

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Clear liquid diets allow a very limited number of foods and drinks. The general rule is that a person can only consume something that is transparent. Therefore, while juices can be okay, juices with pulp are not. Sodas such as ginger ale, lemon-lime soda and club soda are fine, but cola and root beer are not. All solid foods, including bread, pasta, fruit and vegetables, should be avoided, as should dairy products, such as milk, buttermilk and cream.

Smoothies, vegetable juices and any soups that contain vegetables, noodles, rice or meat are also off the menu. Additionally, no drink containing alcohol can be consumed.

The idea behind the diet is that it provides enough fluids, salts and minerals for three or four days of energy. People who have a medical procedure or surgery coming up may need to be on the diet. Followers should take three to five items per meal for the diet to work most effectively. If a person wishes to follow the diet longer than the suggested three- or four-day period, a liquid nutrient supplement may also be necessary.

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