What Foods Cleanse the Liver?


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Garlic cleanses the liver as it contains large amounts of allicin and selenium, which are necessary for liver health, reports the Global Healing Center. Grapefruit, which has high concentrations of antioxidants and vitamin C, may also be a part of this diet.

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Garlic cloves specifically activate liver enzymes, which work to rid the body of toxins, according to the Global Healing Center. A small glass of fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice has the same effect on these enzymes. Beets and carrots contain high concentrations of beta-carotene and flavonoids, which have positive effects on liver function. Green tea is helpful when cleansing the liver, as it is a rich source of catechins, a class of plant-based antioxidants.

Leafy green vegetables are helpful in cleansing the liver, as they remove toxins from the bloodstream before they reach the liver, advises the Global Healing Center. These foods contain high quantities of chlorophylls, which specifically bind to pesticides and heavy metals, thus protecting the liver. Organic oils, such as olive or hemp oil, absorb some toxins from the body before the liver processes them. Apples are necessary for overall digestive system function and cleanse the whole digestive tract. Walnuts contain high levels of the amino acid arginine and assist the liver in processing ammonia. Also, walnuts have a high glutathione and omega-3 fatty acid content, which are necessary for normal liver function.

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