What Foods Cause a Rapid Heart Beat?


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Foods and drinks that increase heart rate include ones with caffeine, such as certain coffees, teas, sodas and chocolate, according to eMedicineHealth. Beer, wine and liquor can also speed up person's heartbeat. Some herbal remedies affect heart rate, especially ephedra, an herb taken for some cold and allergy symptoms, as well as sports enhancement. Also named "ma huang," ephedra has been tied to strokes, heart attacks and even deaths.

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Fad diets, including high-protein regimes and liquid diet options, impact the electrolytes in a person's body, states eMedicineHealth.com. This can lead to problems in the heart's electrical system, which depends on electrolytes to function properly. Frequently drinking alcohol can result in atrial flutter, atrial fibrillation and ventricular tachycardia. Alcohol can significantly injure heart cells, causing extra heartbeats and supraventricular tachycardias.

Some dietary supplements, such as bitter orange, valerian, ginseng and hawthorn also cause heart palpitations, explains Healthline. Sometimes, a rapid heart beat stems from what is not being eaten, in particular a diet that causes low blood sugar, low potassium and dehydration. Certain medications have a stimulant effect, especially over-the-counter cold medicines and decongestants. Medications used to treat high blood pressure, asthma and heart disease may have this impact as well.

Street drugs such as cocaine and amphetamines, and the nicotine in cigarettes, can also result in increased heart rate, says Healthline.

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