Which Foods Cause Inflammation?


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Foods that cause inflammation include fried foods, processed products, sweets, refined carbs and foods containing the toxin called advanced glycation end product, according to Healthline. Dairy products, corn oil, excessively salty foods and items containing too many preservatives can also lead to inflammation.

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Inflammatory foods can lead to joint pain in arthritic people, states Healthline. To alleviate inflammation and boost the body’s immune system, doctors recommend eating plenty of fruits and vegetables rather than fried meats and prepared frozen meals. Individuals should avoid cooking foods regularly at high temperatures to lower advanced glycation end product blood levels. This toxin is commonly found in grilled, fried, heated and pasteurized foods.

To control arthritis pain, it also helps to cut back on consumption of sugary foods, especially candies and sodas, Healthline advises. Dairy products contribute to inflammation because they contain a certain protein that irritates the tissue surrounding the joints. Suggested alternative sources of protein include spinach, tofu, beans, nut butters, lentils and other vegetables.

People should always check product labels for preservatives, additives and high sodium content, notes Healthline. Baked snacks with corn oil should be avoided, as they can trigger inflammation. Dietitians suggest healthy sources of anti-inflammatory omega-3, including olive oil, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds and nuts. Besides a healthy diet, it's essential for arthritis sufferers to minimize alcohol and tobacco use to reduce inflammation.

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