What Are Some Foods That Cause Inflammation?


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Types of food that trigger inflammation include fried or processed items, foods with high processed sugar content and dairy products. Other foods that may cause inflammation are foods with a lot of salt, preservatives and corn oil, according to Healthline. Substances such as alcohol and tobacco are also linked to inflammation.

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Certain studies at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine discovered that reducing the amount of fried and processed foods in the diet helps reduce inflammation. It also helps restore the natural defense system of the body, reports Heathline. Foods that contain a large amount of refined sugar and carbohydrates increase the amount of advanced glycation end product in the body. AGE is a toxin that damages protein in the body, and the body breaks down AGE particles with cytokines which trigger inflammation. This toxin forms in foods when they are grilled, pasteurized or fried.

The protein contained in dairy may irritate joint tissue in certain people. Alternative sources for protein include spinach, beans, lentils and nut butters, says Heathline. Certain people's joints are also affected from eating too much salt. It is suggested to read food labels and check for any added salt or preservatives. Corn oil is found in baked goods and snacks.

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