What Foods Cause High Potassium Levels?


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Most foods contain some levels of potassium, but high content of potassium can be found in vegetables and fresh fruits, including oranges, potatoes, orange juice and leafy green vegetables, such as kale, spinach and collard. A person may be advised not to eat this types of foods when he or she has elevated levels of potassium, known as hyperkalemia.

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What Foods Cause High Potassium Levels?
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Foods with high potassium content may also not be good for patients with kidney disease, as stated by Drugs.com. The doctor will have to advice a person on foods to limit to avoid the high potassium intake. Along with a change in diet, there are also several measures that a person must take to avoid elevating their potassium levels. One will need to reduce alcohol consumption and stopping the use of certain drugs. The use of potassium supplements should also be limited.

A person with high levels of potassium in the body is suffering from a condition called hyperkalemia. The body requires a certain amount of potassium to allow the heart and the muscles to function properly. However, if the levels increase, one may be at risk of several conditions, including a change in the rhythm of the heart. There are also some conditions that may lead to increased potassium levels, including kidney failure, lupus and hormonal disorders, as stated by WebMD.

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