What Foods Cause Brown-Colored Urine?


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Certain foods that can cause the urine to appear brown or tea colored include fava beans, rhubarb or aloe, according to Mayo Clinic. There can be other reasons behind brown or tea-colored urine, such as certain medications, including some laxatives, antibiotics, antimalarial drugs or the muscle relaxant methocarbamol, and other medical conditions, such as some liver or kidney disorders or urinary tract infections.

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Typically, changes in the color of urine, whether caused by food consumption or medication that the person is taking, are generally harmless. However, changes in the color of urine can also be accompanied by other symptoms, which would imply that there is an underlying medical condition. For example, a urinary tract infection can be marked by discolored urine, and a urinary tract infection usually requires medical attention to treat the pain and other symptoms.

Certain health and personal factors can increase the chance that discolored urine is caused by an issue other than the simple consumption of certain foods. The person's gender should be taken into consideration, since women are much more likely to experience a urinary tract infection. Men, on the other hand, are more likely to have kidney or bladder stones.

Age is also a factor to consider, as tumors in the bladder or kidney are more common in older patients over the age of 50. Family history and exercise habits should also be considered when experiencing discolored urine, as a history of kidney issues or excessive exercise can lead to blood in the urine.

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