Which Foods Cause Blood Sugar to Spike?


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Foods that spike blood sugar level include red meat, whole milk, packaged foods, fast foods, white rice and bread and sugary drinks, claims Everyday Health. These foods also contribute to unhealthy weight and heart disease.

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Which Foods Cause Blood Sugar to Spike?
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Fiber is necessary for maintaining blood sugar levels, notes Everyday Health. White rice has little fiber, thus causing instability in the sugar levels. Brown rice can reduce the risk high blood sugar levels by up to 16 percent. White bread is quickly digested, thus result in higher blood sugar levels. Whole grains should be preferred to refined grains.

Whole milk contain saturated fats that trigger both blood sugar and heart disease, states Everyday Health. Saturated fats inhibit insulin production, which regulates blood sugar level. Individuals should consume at most one percent of dairy products daily to get calcium while avoiding negative effects.

Red meat, and processed, packaged and fast foods such as snacks are high in fats, salt and calories, and thus contribute to increased blood sugars, cholesterol, inflammation and unhealthy weight, suggests Everyday Health. To prevent high blood sugar levels, individuals should consider using wholesome snacks such as almonds and low fat proteins such as nuts.

Sugary drinks such as soda soar the levels of blood sugar, suggests Everyday Health. Research shows that individuals who consume daily sugary drinks are vulnerable to type 2 diabetes, which is an indication of high blood sugar levels. Individuals should avoid sweet drinks and consume more water, diet soda and seltzer, which also aid in maintaining a healthy weight.

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