What Foods Cause No Bloating to Your Stomach?

What Foods Cause No Bloating to Your Stomach?

Foods that do not cause bloating to the stomach include rice, banana, yogurt, herbal tea, cucumber and papaya. Instead, these foods are known to reduce and block the bloating effects of other food that is consumed by the body.

Stomach bloating is typically caused by an accumulation of fluids in the stomach or the buildup of gas in the body during digestion. The consumption of rice introduces carbohydrates that is fully digestible. Rice and rice flour can be used as a substitute for starch-based food, such as potatoes and corn. This reduces the chance of gases forming inside the digestive system.

Bananas help reduce bloating by combating the effects of high sodium intake. High sodium levels causes the body to retain more fluids.

Yogurt with active cultures causes no bloating but instead increases the presence of bacteria that helps with digestion. An efficient digestive system prevents the stomach from bloating. The best types of yogurt that can reduce stomach bloating are plain, low-fat and non-fat yogurts.

Cucumber and herbal tea are two foods that help reduce stomach swelling. Peppermint herbal tea helps reduce inflammation in the digestive tract, causing any swelling to decrease. Cucumber has a high-water, low-fiber content, helping any excessive water in the digestive system to pass quicker.