What Are Some Foods That Cause Belly Fat?


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Some foods that cause belly fat are potato chips, pizza and fruit juice. Other foods that cause belly fat are French fries and diet soda. All of these foods trigger a hormonal reaction that causes the body to store calories in the abdomen.

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As of 2015, potato chips are considered to be the worst food for causing belly fat, according to researchers from Harvard University. Potato chips contain a lot of saturated fat, which, unlike other fats, is the type of fat that is most likely stored in the stomach. Potato chips are also extremely salty, which causes the stomach to bloat and the body to retain water, enlarging the stomach even more. In addition, potato chips are not satisfying as a food, making it easy for people to eat too many of them in one sitting because they never feel full enough. People who eat lots of potato chips therefore increase their calorie and saturated fat intake, which leads to subsequent weight gain.

Fruit juice is another food known to cause belly fat, due to the large amount of sugar it contains. Additionally, the type of sugar contained in fruit juice is fructose, which experts say is directly associated with an increase in abdominal fat.

Another type of food that contributes to belly fat is pizza. Pizza, like potato chips, contains an abundance of saturated fat, and is easy to overindulge in. One slice of pizza can contain a half a day's worth of saturated fat, and people often eat more than one slice of pizza at a time.

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