What Foods Are Carbs?


Foods with carbohydrates include grains, fruits, dairy products, some vegetables and items that contain sugar or corn syrup. Foods that contain carbs and have high fiber content and high amounts of nutrients are considered good carbs because they lower a person's cholesterol.

Carbohydrates, or carbs, contain a high amount of complex or simple sugars. Foods containing good carbs, such as avocados, nuts and vegetables, reduce the risk of certain medical conditions, such as cancer and heart disease. Other carbs regularly contribute to diabetes and elevated blood pressure. A low-carb diet keeps people of all ages healthy and energetic.

Bad carbs, such as pasta or potatoes, are acceptable in moderation or if the consumer plans to perform a cardiovascular workout shortly after consumption. Thirty to 40 percent of daily calories should come from a healthy adult's carb intake. Any more than that per day can cause health problems down the road. Those who seek a healthy weight loss regimen may consider even less. Athletes who compete in high-impact sports may ingest more carbs than the daily average. Those with diabetes should follow a low-carb diet plan that suits their specific needs. People process carbs differently, and it is best for any individual who is unsure to consult a physician.