What Foods Can Reduce Acid Reflux?


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While there are plenty of foods to avoid if you suffer from acid reflux, such as fatty meats and acidic fruits, there are also certain foods that can improve the symptoms. These include yogurts and probiotics, high fiber oatmeal and lean meats.

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What Foods Can Reduce Acid Reflux?
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Lean proteins such as poultry, seafood and beans are highly recommended for acid reflux sufferers because, unlike the fried and fatty alternatives, they move through your stomach quickly. The more quickly your stomach is emptied, the less likely it is that you will experience reflux. Combine this with a salad without tomatoes and onions for extra effectiveness.

For breakfast, try a bowl of oatmeal, which is believed to both fill you up and absorb excess acidity. Add probiotics to your diet, such as yogurt, to aid your digestion and protect you against harmful bacteria that could exacerbate your condition. Make sure to include plenty of fiber in the form of fruits and vegetables, which protect you against excess acid production.

Add ginger to your desserts and steeped teas. This historical treatment for gastrointestinal conditions is known to help combat acid reflux. Fennel will also help to improve stomach function, while parsley helps to settle the stomach and aid digestion.

Cinnamon gum, though not technically a food, can also lessen your symptoms. Chewing it after a meal will stimulate the production of saliva and encourage frequent swallowing. The former neutralizes stomach acid, while the latter clears it from the esophagus.

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