Which Foods Can Help to Lower Uric Acid?


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Foods that help to reduce uric acid include complex carbohydrates, low fat and fat-free dairy products and plenty of fluids, says Mayo Clinic. Lowering the uric acid levels helps manage gout.

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Meats, fish and poultry are high in purine. Organ meat and oily fish are especially high in this substance. Once in the body, Mayo Clinic indicates, purine breaks down to form uric acid and increase the level of the acid in the blood stream. The gout diet limits consumption of these foods to 2 to 4 ounces daily.

Fats and alcohol limit the body's ability to eliminate uric acid and cause levels to increase. However, uric acid is soluble in water, so increasing water-based drinks helps to flush the chemical from the body, preventing the formation of uric acid crystals that are responsible for gout, reports Mayo Clinic. Eight to 10 8-ounce glasses of water is sufficient. Other research shows four to six cups of coffee daily helps to remove uric acid.

While the uric acid diet does not necessarily cause weight loss, Mayo Clinic recommends gout sufferers maintain a healthy body weight. Overweight patients benefit from limiting calorie consumption to lose weight, but need to avoid rapid weight loss that increases the uric acid concentration in the body.

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