What Foods Can Lead to Blockage in the Arteries?


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Fatty meats such as pastrami, bacon and corned beef can lead to clogged arteries, according to WebMD. Saturated oils and fats such as lard, butter and coconut oil pose a similar risk, as do egg yolks, processed treats such as muffins and snack crackers, and dairy products containing over 1 percent fat.

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Fast foods such as hamburgers, french fries, tacos and fried chicken are high in total fat and saturated fat, making them items to avoid. At restaurants, substitute skinless chicken or broiled sandwiches instead, and ask for low-fat dressing on salads, as stated by WebMD.

The medical term for narrowed and clogged arteries is atherosclerosis. High cholesterol, in addition to smoking and high blood pressure, causes damage to the endothelium, the layer of cells lining arteries, WebMD explains. This damage permits the development of plaque. As LDL cholesterol hits damaged parts of the endothelium, some of it goes into the arterial wall. White blood cells attack the LDL but ultimately combine to form plaque, a mixture of cells, cholesterol and other debris. The plaque forms a knob on the arterial wall that gradually grows to the point where a blockage is possible. The risks include heart attack, stroke and other health problems.

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