What Foods Can You Have on a Fat-Free Diet?


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Fruits, vegetables, skim milk, egg whites and some processed foods are friendly to fat-free diets. Grains very often have a low fat content. Dieters can eat fruits and vegetables fresh or cooked, but eating them with sauces can add fat. Some fat-free processed foods may contain other unhealthy ingredients.

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Other food groups contain choices that are free of fat content or contain fat at a very low level. Fat-free dairy or dairy-like products include nonfat yogurt and fat-free cream cheese. Some dessert options include sorbet, fat-free whipped topping and nonfat frozen yogurt. Whole-grain breads, pastas and cereals are often fat-free or contain very low levels of fat. Egg whites are also free of fat.

Because fat contains a large amount of calories per ounce, reducing the amount of dietary fat ingested may reduce the total calories consumed. However, some processed fat-free foods contain a large amount of sugars and other processing ingredients that may not be healthy.

Some processed foods use Olestra as a replacement for fat. Olestra allows foods that typically contain high fat levels, such as potato chips, to be fat free. Olestra is a synthetic fatty acid and sucrose blend with no fat or caloric content. However, this fat substitute may induce abdominal discomfort and diarrhea as well as inhibit vitamin absorption.

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