What Foods Can You Eat to Prevent GERD?


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Yogurt and probiotics are recommended by Healthline to prevent the symptoms of GERD. Foods high in fiber are also recommended to prevent GERD, and can help in the reduction of various other digestive issues as well.

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Probiotics replenish good bacteria colonies in the digestive system and are able to help most people suffering from GERD, according to Healthline. These good bacteria may prevent the proliferation of other problematic species of bacteria, thus preventing GERD, diarrhea and irritable bowel syndrome. Yogurt commonly contains cultures of these good bacteria, and may aid in reducing the symptoms of GERD. High-fiber foods are recommended to reduce the symptoms of GERD, but may also aid in lowering cholesterol, controlling blood sugar and reducing the risks of hemorrhoids. Fruits and vegetables are recommended as fiber sources.

Fried or fatty foods can cause the opening to the esophagus to relax, causing stomach acid to leak into it, adds Healthline. These foods also slow digestion, so foods build up in the stomach. Thus, those suffering from GERD should avoid fatty meats, french fries, ice cream or other high-fat foods. Tomatoes and citrus fruits contain high levels of citrus acid, which can further aggravate GERD symptoms. Chocolate is also not recommended when dealing with GERD, as it contains a compound which relaxes the opening to the esophagus causing reflux.

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