What Foods Can You Eat to Help Prevent Gastritis?


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Different people suffer from different gastritis triggers, but staying away from spicy seasonings and foods, chocolate and fatty foods works for many people, notes Drugs.com. Caffeinated beverages and alcohol also cause gastritis symptoms in some people. Making a list of trigger foods is the best course for each patient.

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Starting a diet that prevents gastritis doesn't require throwing out the entire spice rack. Chili powder, garlic powder, and red and black pepper are the most common triggers among seasonings. In addition to drinks with caffeine and alcohol, such beverages as hot cocoa, whole or chocolate milk, some citrus juices, and tea or coffee (with or without caffeine) cause gastritis in many people and should likely be avoided, according to Drugs.com.

Tomato products (juice, sauce and paste), garlic, onions, hot peppers, spicy cheeses (pepper jack or jalapeno) and whole-fat dairy foods also tend to spur gastritis. Highly seasoned processed meats, such as bacon, salami, sausage and ham are also on the trigger list for many people. Instead, people who choose poultry, lean meats and fish as their protein sources tend to have fewer outbreaks. A diet rich in whole grains, fat-free (or low-fat) dairy foods, vegetables and fruits is more likely to help people avoid gastritis, as stated by Drugs.com.

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