What Foods Can You Eat to Lower High Blood Sugar?


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Foods that help to keep blood sugar levels regulated include green beans, spinach, broccoli and strawberries, according to WebMD. Other foods that help to keep blood sugar levels in check include oatmeal, cinnamon, salmon and other lean meats.

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What Foods Can You Eat to Lower High Blood Sugar?
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Oatmeal may help to control blood sugar levels because it has a significant amount of soluble fiber, which takes longer than other foods to break down in the stomach, which means that blood sugar levels stay more even over time, notes WebMD. Evidence shows that barley, oats and whole grains are ideal for blood glucose control.

Strawberries are an ideal food for people with diabetes because they do not raise blood sugar levels significantly, and they contain plenty of fiber and water, states WebMD. The fiber and water content makes the person feel full for longer, resulting in less carbohydrate consumption.

Lean meats such as skinless chicken breast or some types of fish are ideal foods for regulating blood sugar levels, as they do not affect blood sugar as much as carbohydrates, notes WebMD. In particular, salmon is a good choice because it contains omega-3 fatty acids, which promote a healthy heart.

Research shows that cinnamon may act similar to insulin, reducing blood sugar levels, according to WebMD. Nonstarchy vegetables such as broccoli, green beans or spinach have minimal carbohydrates and plenty of fiber, which is important for blood sugar regulation.

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