What Foods Can Cause High Blood Pressure?


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High blood pressure can be caused by excessive intake of sodium, which means that foods high in salt, such as processed or frozen foods, should not be eaten regularly, according to Healthline. Sugar is also a contributor to high blood pressure, so intake should be regulated as much as possible.

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What Foods Can Cause High Blood Pressure?
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Almost all forms of processed meats, such as bacon, salami and ham, contain high amounts of sodium. This makes these foods, if eaten excessively, likely to increase blood pressure and contribute to health risks.

Many canned foods such as soup and even vegetables can contain high amounts of sodium. While not a major problem if eaten occasionally, a diet based around canned goods can lead to an increase in sodium levels in the body.

Pizza, burgers and other fast food can also be especially high in sodium, often as a result of ingredients. Cheese, processed meats, pizza dough, bread, and sauces can all contain high levels of sodium, salts and sugars. This is especially true for frozen varieties, but any kind of fast food eaten on a regular basis can lead to sodium buildups, and raise blood pressure as a result.

Any foods containing a large amount of sugar, such as cakes and donuts, are also likely to cause high blood pressure if eaten too often.

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