What Are Some Foods That Can Cause Constipation?


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Some foods that can cause constipation include dairy products, red meat, chips and frozen dinners. Other foods include cookies and bananas, as Everyday Health indicates. The foods are low in fiber, and replacing them with high-fiber foods can prevent constipation.

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What Are Some Foods That Can Cause Constipation?
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Dairy products such as ice cream and cheese are low in fiber and high in fat that can make them cause constipation. Toddlers have high chances of constipation after eating these foods, according to Everyday Health. Red meat may not cause constipation directly, but when eaten regularly, it occupies the place of foods rich in fiber. To avoid constipation, eat red meat with plenty of foods rich in fiber such as salad and the skin of baked potatoes.

Chips can cause constipation because they replace side dishes or snacks that contain high fiber. The food is high in fat, and it delays digestion, making the person feel full. Eat snacks with whole grains and low fat to prevent constipation.

Frozen dinners do not have the nutritional value of self-prepared foods, and they often contain high amounts of fat and low fiber. The foods are high in sodium, and hold the water meant to dilute the salt, preventing it from getting waste out of the body, explains Everyday Health. Cookies and other foods that give the body refined carbohydrates, such as crackers and cakes, are low in fluid and fiber and have high-fat levels. This can cause constipation.

Depending on the ripeness, bananas can either relieve or cause constipation. Unripe green bananas cause constipation, while ripe bananas eliminate constipation because of their high fiber, according to Everyday Health.

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