What Foods Burn Fat?


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Some foods that are known to burn fat include: cinnamon, green tea, yogurt, coffee, chili peppers, chicken and fish, according to Cosmopolitan. These foods work by enhancing the metabolism and causing the body to burn additional calories during the digestive process.

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Cinnamon, when sprinkled on foods like yogurt and hot cereal, works to allow blood sugar into the cells for energy, so less food is stored as fat. Green tea raises the heart rate and encourages the system to burn calories more rapidly; research has also shown that green tea may help to burn fat from the abdominal region. Similarly, coffee is loaded with caffeine to kick start the metabolism and expedite the breakdown of fat, a process which is known as "lipolysis."

Yogurt is rich in probiotics that are thought to reduce the absorption of body fat. Chili peppers contain capsaicin, which is a compound that boosts the metabolism; moreover, it increases the body temperature to burn even more calories.

Protein-rich foods like chicken and fish also help the body to burn additional fat, due to the amount of effort the digestive system must expend to process them. In fact, the body burns more calories to digest protein than it does when breaking down fats and carbs.

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