What Are Some Foods That Help Build Muscle?

Some foods that are good for building muscle are beef, brown rice, beets and cottage cheese, according to BodyBuilding.com. There are also some fruits and vegetables that help build lean muscle, such as oranges, cantaloupe, apples and spinach.

Two other types of foods that can build muscle are nuts and eggs, according to Men’s Fitness. Both of these foods have a lot of protein in addition to many other nutrients. The lutein in eggs is especially useful for muscle building. Nuts like almonds and cashews have ideal proportions of fiber, fat and protein and are a healthy way to increase calories.

Beef is one of the best options for building muscle due to its protein, B vitamins, zinc, iron and good cholesterol, says BodyBuilding.com. Grass-fed cattle has a higher amount of conjugated linoleic acid, which helps build muscle. Brown rice is a whole grain that is healthy, helps sustain energy levels and can help with building muscle and losing fat by stimulating growth hormone levels in the body.

Beets contain betaine, a nutrient that can improve power and muscle strength and help with joint repair, according to Bodybuilding.com. Spinach is another beneficial vegetable. It can enhance stregth and endurace and contains high levels of the amino acid glutamine.