What Are Some Foods That Boost Platelet Count?


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Whole grains, beans and vegetables are some of the foods that can boost platelet count, states Platelet Disorder Support Association. The diet of a person who wants to increase his platelet count should be as nutrient dense and organic as possible.

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Generally, a gluten-free diet, an anti-inflammatory diet, a macrobiotic diet and calorie restriction work to improve a person's platelet count, according to the Platelet Disorder Support Association. Inflammation encourages autoimmune diseases and impairs the functioning of hematopoietic stem cells. Therefore, an anti-inflammatory diet can suppress the disease as it reduces inflammation. A macrobiotic diet is an anti-inflammatory diet that encompasses whole grains, vegetables and beans while minimizing animal products such as poultry, dairy and meat.

A gluten-free diet also increases a person's platelet count, states the PDSA. Gluten can cause celiac disease, and celiac disease is associated with low platelet count in a person.

Calorie restriction also improves a person's platelet count. In a study on mice, those that were fed 32 percent fewer calories than the controls had a better platelet count and an extended lifespan, reports PDSA. Calorie restriction in humans, while maintaining good nutrition, helps to slow the aging of the cardiovascular system, cushion against bone marrow fibrosis and suppress inflammation.

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