What Are Some Foods in a Bland Diet?


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Some common foods eaten when on a bland diet include milk, cooked vegetables, fruit juice, creamy peanut butter and eggs, states MedlinePlus. Other foods include bread and pasta made from refined white flour, refined oatmeal, and baked, steamed or grilled lean meat such as whitefish, poultry and shellfish.

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When someone is on a bland diet, there are a number of rules that should be followed, advises MedlinePlus. For instance, it is important to eat small meals throughout the day instead of only a few large meals. It is also important to eat food slowly and chew it well before swallowing.

It is also beneficial for those on a bland diet to stop smoking, according to MedlinePlus. People on a bland diet should also not eat food a minimum of two hours before bedtime. Drinking slowly is also important when on a bland diet as is avoiding certain foods such as fatty dairy, raw vegetables and fruit, whole-grain bread and cereals, spices and fried food. Medications that contain ibuprofen or aspirin should also be avoided when on a bland diet. Those on a bland diet are advised to not drink alcohol or caffeinated beverages, and other foods should not be introduced into the diet until a doctor gives permission.

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