What Foods Are Bad for the Kidneys?


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Animal protein, caffeine, sodas, synthetic sweeteners, genetically modified foods and salt are bad for the kidney, according to Save Our Bones. Excessive intake of these substances results in harming the kidneys and other organs.

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Dairy and meat products have animal protein that is highly acidifying, notes Save Our Bones. The two products increase calcium secretion in the urine. Research shows that animal products increase the risk of developing kidney stones, states Kimberly Snyder.

Caffeine in tea, coffee, foods and soda strains the kidney, asserts Kimberly Snyder. Caffeine stimulates blood flow, which places an additional load on the kidneys. A study of caffeine has shown that excessive consumption of caffeine exacerbates kidney failure in obese rats. Even small amounts of caffeine can prompt the formation of kidney stones, says Save Our Bones.

Synthetic sweeteners in sodas result in kidney function decline when consuming just two cans per day, according to Kimberly Snyder. Genetically modified foods have genetically modified ingredients that are not well studied, but some research has identified negative effects on liver and kidney functions in rats when consuming genetically modified Monsanto corn. Too much salt makes the kidney retain water and dilute the electrolytes in the blood stream. Research has shown that intake of a lot of salt over a long period damages the kidneys, aorta and the heart.

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