What Foods Are Bad to Eat If You Have Psoriasis?


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There is no research that links psoriasis to diet, though some people have found relief by not eating foods containing dairy and gluten, as stated by WebMD. Those with psoriasis are also advised to limit alcohol intake, especially if taking medications for psoriasis.

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Other remedies that people use to ease the symptoms of psoriasis include keeping the skin moisturized, as WebMD notes. Since dry skin irritates the psoriasis, it is best to use oily, thick moisturizers, such as petroleum jelly-based products. Using a humidifier in the home is also good for avoiding dry skin. Cold, dry weather often worsens symptoms, so avoiding exposure to cold conditions may alleviate psoriasis symptoms. Warmth frequently helps those with psoriasis.

If possible, it is also recommended to avoid medications that may cause a psoriasis flare-up, such as lithium, quinidine and propranolol, according to WebMD. There may be alternatives for those who need these medications. Though many believe staying out of the sun is important with psoriasis, research shows that wearing sunscreen and spending short intervals in the sun may be good for slowing the growth of psoriasis. Many people also link stress with psoriasis, so reducing and coping with the stress in life may lead to fewer flare-ups.

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