What Foods Are Bad for Diabetics?


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The worst foods for diabetics contain high amounts of simple and highly processed starches that are digested and turned into glucose quickly, according to WebMD. This type of starch causes instability in blood sugar levels.

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When it comes to breads and grains, diabetics should stay away from white starch sources, such as white flour, rice or bread, as well as cereals that contain a lot of sugar, as stated by WebMD. Instead, diabetics should choose products with whole grains, such as brown rice, yams, corn and whole wheat flour.

While all vegetables are preferable to simple starches, those that are eaten fresh or lightly grilled, roasted or steamed are best, according to WebMD. Canned vegetables are acceptable as long as they are low in sodium, but canned vegetables with a great deal of sodium are not good for diabetics. Cooked vegetables with a lot of cheese, sauce or butter added are also not ideal for diabetics.

When it comes to fruit, diabetics do not need to worry about the level of fructose, because the raw fruit has enough fiber to keep the sugar inside from causing sugar spikes, notes WebMD. However, fruit that is canned with a heavy, sugary syrup, chewy fruit roll-up snacks, applesauce with added sweetener and fruit-flavored punches or drinks should not appear on a diabetic's menu.

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