What Are Some Foods That Are Bad for Arthritis?


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Arthritis sufferers should avoid fried and processed foods, sugar, dairy products and alcohol and cut back on salt, preservatives and corn oil, according to Healthline. These foods can lead to inflammation, which may trigger more joint pain for those with arthritis.

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What Are Some Foods That Are Bad for Arthritis?
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Sufferers should also watch out for AGEs, which are advanced glycation end products. These are generally found in heated, grilled, fried and pasteurized foods. Healthline recommends eating less food that is cooked at a high temperature.

Switching to a vegan diet could also be beneficial for those with arthritis, according to Healthline. Instead of getting protein from meat and dairy products, sufferers should get most of their protein from plant products, such as beans, lentils, tofu and spinach. They should avoid tobacco, exercise regularly, maintain a balanced diet and get enough rest.

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