What Foods Help to Avoid Hemorrhoids?


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Fruits, vegetables, whole grains and beans all increase fiber and help people avoid hemorrhoids, according to Everyday Health. People who suffer from hemorrhoids generally don't have regular bowel movements. Increasing fiber is the best way to boost regularity without having to resort to medications.

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The ideal goal for fiber in the diet is between 25 and 30 grams each day. While an increase in fiber also leads to an increase in gas, regularity and a hemorrhoid-free existence compensate for the flatulence, notes Everyday Health.

Drinking plenty of water also helps people avoid hemorrhoids. Having adequate water in the bowel prevents constipation and cuts down on the amount of straining needed to complete a bowel movement. Another way to avoid straining is to go when the need strikes. Fighting against a bowel movement often makes it necessary to strain to produce one later in the day, possibly causing hemorrhoids, reports Everyday Health.

Exercise is another way to build regularity. Moderate regimens of exercise promote regularity in the colon, although weightlifting and other exercises that apply pressure to the abdomen sometimes cause hemorrhoids to form. People who take laxatives that stimulate movement in the colon sometimes increase pressure in the area where hemorrhoids form, leading them to grow. People who take laxatives should choose the osmotic variety that simply bring more water into the bowel, as stated by Everyday Health.

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