What Are Foods to Avoid If You Have Diabetes?


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If you have diabetes, it is best to avoid foods that contain excessive sugar or salt, according to WebMD. Avoid processed foods and fatty foods whenever possible. Foods that are not ideal for a diabetic diet may be consumed occasionally as a treat, but it is important to eat healthy as often as you can.

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What Are Foods to Avoid If You Have Diabetes?
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Starches, breads and grains to avoid when possible include white flour, white bread, french fries, and fried white-flour tortillas, notes WebMD. People with diabetes should also stay away from sugary cereals that don't contain whole grains and processed grains such as white rice.

Fruits and vegetables are important components in a diabetic diet, but avoid canned fruits or vegetables with added sugars or sodium, recommends WebMD. When cooking vegetables, avoid using fatty sauces and butter. Processed fruits with added sugar, such as jams, jellies or unhealthy fruit juices, should also be avoided.

Fried or fatty meats such as pork bacon and ribs are not ideal protein sources in a diabetic diet, states WebMD. Fatty dairy products such as whole milk and regular cheeses, sour cream, ice cream or yogurt should be avoided. Low-fat proteins such as beans or skinless poultry breast, fish or tofu that has not been fried are acceptable, as are low-fat dairy products.

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