What Are Some Foods to Avoid When Being Treated for Ulcerative Colitis?


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When dealing with ulcerative colitis, some foods to avoid include alcohol, caffeine, popcorn and raw foods, according to WebMD. Other foods those with ulcerative colitis should avoid include dried peas, nuts, spicy food, refined sugar, and food containing sulfur or sulfate.

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There is not a single diet that helps every person suffering from ulcerative colitis, notes WebMD. This is also a condition that changes over time, so what works at one point may not work in the future. Experts recommend that those with ulcerative colitis keep a food diary and record comments about how each food affects the body.

To ensure a well-balanced diet for those suffering from ulcerative colitis, it is best to focus on foods high in protein, such as fish and chicken, fresh produce and whole grains, explains WebMD. The diet can also include bread and cereals, fruits, and healthy fats such as canola and olive oils. Some people with ulcerative colitis cannot eat all these items, but doctors recommend that patients eat what is possible. Some patients also find that preparing foods in a certain way, such as steaming vegetables, helps make them easier to digest. Switching to a low-fiber diet may also help some patients.

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