What Are Foods to Avoid If You Have Arthritis?


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Foods that trigger inflammation and add extra weight, such as red meat, fried food, processed food, alcohol, gluten, sugar and refined flour, are foods that people with need to avoid, notes Everyday Health. They should also significantly reduce intake of saturated fats, trans fats and salt, states the Arthritis Foundation.

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What Are Foods to Avoid If You Have Arthritis?
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Being overweight exerts extra pressure on the joints and can worsen arthritis pain. Additionally, body fat produces certain hormones and chemicals that increase inflammation, says Joy Bauer.

A large portion of red meat contains high amounts of saturated fats that can lead to obesity and aggravate inflammation. Red meat contains omega-6 fatty acids that can be a contributing factor to inflammation if taken in excess; however, lean meat can provide necessary protein and nutrients for those with rheumatoid arthritis without further inflammation, notes Everyday Health.

Saturated fats found in lard and butter and trans fats found in certain processed foods, fried and baked foods contain high levels of cholesterol. Alcohol and sugar contain empty calories that only add to the daily intake with no nutritional value, states the Arthritis Foundation. Sugary foods, fine flour and white rice can cause blood sugar levels to rise prompting the production of pro-inflammatory chemicals that worsens joint related arthritis symptoms. Processed foods and fried foods also contain ingredients that add to inflammation, notes Everyday Health.

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